About us

We are three creative souls who love aerial hoop and aerial arts.
We met in our aerial class at hyperactive studios in Toulouse, and decided to take it out into the wild.

This project is the result of what’s been going on (and still is!) on our crazy minds. We wanted to add a little bit of dreams and magic into our lives.
And share it with you! Because we all need magic, don’t we?

Hey there!

I’m Layla, a 35 years old lyra/yoga/music lover living in the south west of France.

I’ve always loved dancing. Started with ballet in my young years, then synchronised swimming, a little pole dancing, aerial silks and finally lyra.
Lyra is definitely my tackle. It’s more natural to me than silks ever were. I fell in love with it on my very first try.
I’ve been practicing yoga for some time and am now a certified yoga teacher.
And I love music: listening, playing, singing… It soothes the mind, helps me escape, dream, remember. Everything in my life can be somehow related to music.

To me, dance is the embodiment of music’s poetry.
And yoga is like dancing with the universe.
Add a lyra, and you realise you never needed wings to fly…

So, this is me.
I am very happy to be a part of The Lyra Stories and create magic with these 2 beautiful souls Ambre and Pattie
We have so much in store and I can’t wait to share it with you

I wish you the most beautiful day


Hi, my name is Ambre and I am part of this adventure with these 2 wonderful women Layla and Pattie.

As an engineer such creative projects make my mind blossom.

I learnt the art of sewing with my mother since I was a child and will bring my contribution for many outfits you will see in this account.

Few years ago I felt in love with aerial dance (hoop and silks) that I learnt and still learn thanks to hyperactive studio.

With the pandemic I started to practice in improbable places and realized the potential of mixing landscape exploration and aerial dance.

I hope you will enjoy exploring these breathtaking places with us as much as we do!

Hi, my name is Pattie and I’ve always been an artist with my whole heart.

As a child I always loved dancing, music and painting. But my adventurous and full of energy soul could never focus on just one thing. Eventualy I found myself in theatre and acting.

Then I discovered pole dance and was quickly taken by it’s fitness challenges and the magical world of performance. Hoop wasn’t commonly available at the time. I have randomly came accross it after I moved to France a few years ago. And it was love from first sight. Lyra is where I found myself and I loose myself, all at the same time.

My other passion is photography. It became my profession after graduating a university of art. For me, again, it is something that allows me to combine all my interests in one, and puts my curious soul in ease.

The Lyra Stories project appeared like a dream. A combination of all my favourite things: aerial dance, photography, performance, styling, fashion, storytelling and traveling. Like a performance in a picture. It’s an amazing journey and working talented Ambre and Layla is a bliss.