The Bethmale Witches

As the old folk tale says, a long time ago, there was a wicked witch hiding around the Bethmale lake area. Everyday she tormented the people of the little town in the valley.

One day, the people had enough. They hiked to the highest mountain in the valley, Col de La Core to through her down the hill.

Trapped, the witch dived into the lake, swearing she would never disappear.

Since then, her emerald dress, still in the depths, gives the lake its unique colour.

Now, what if there was more to this story?

We’re going to tell you the story about the secret witches nobody talks about. The sweet souls behind the legend. Because there is always more to any story, isn’t it?

There were a few others spirits, living in the woods. Their life was all about dancing and celebrating nature. One could hear them sing, or see the reflection of their silvery pink dresses flying among the trees.

But the wicked witch did not want to sing, or dance, or celebrate nature. So she turned her pink dress into an emerald one and started playing jokes on the people of the valley.

The pink witches saw the colour of the lake changing when the wicked witch dived: its emerald reflection, although beautiful, was also proof that she was still here, somewhere in the depths. And they knew she would do anything to come back. So they stayed. To protect the lake. To protect the people of the valley.

So they hang their lyra on their favourite tree, and started dancing and singing. Their silky pinky silver dress was floating in the air, dancing with the wind.

Today, the lake still has its magical emerald reflection. But if you look into the trees, some say you might see a witch dancing with the wind…

Bethmale Lake is located in the south west of France.

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